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What sets EBM apart from our competitors is that we only use cleaning solutions that leave your carpet dry. This is made possible through our use of the innovative HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System.

What is HOST technology?

HOST is the leading dry extraction carpet cleaning system available. Using sponge and dry technology, HOST ensures your carpets are ready to use immediately following their cleaning process.

HOST Sponges look and work just like a sponge in your kitchen, dissolving and absorbing dirt. This soft and natural product, moistened with water, only uses safe cleaning ingredients. Its low-moisture method holds and controls cleaning liquids so that dissolved dirt doesn’t run back into your carpets.

Benefits of HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System

  • Lower Moisture
  • Prolongs life of carpets
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Carpets are ready to use, right away

  • Safe for all carpets, including wool
  • Spots won’t come back – no wickback!
  • Restores and rejuvenates the look of your carpet



Carpet Cleaning

EBM uses HOST carpet cleaning technology because we know it to be a product you can trust. Green Seal Certified, we can ensure that HOST reduces toxic pollution and waste, conserves resources and habitats, minimizes global warming and ozone depletion, and increases health and well-being! Other benefits of Host technology include:

No Wetness

We know that you can’t afford to close down shop as you wait for your carpets to dry. That’s why we guarantee that your carpets will be clean and ready to use as soon as we complete our process.

Limits Waste

The amount of water that traditional carpet extractors use is often overlooked. They also generate a significant amount of wastewater, which ends up burdening sewers and water treatment facilities. The Host Dry Extraction System is the perfect solution to this problem, saving 97% more water than typical high-flow wet extractors!

The Host Dry Extraction System not only ensures a clean and dry floor by avoiding wetness, but also contributes to a cleaner environment by using less energy to power their machines: no water to heat, no need for blowers to dry carpets, and no need to run dehumidifiers to remove moisture in the air. In fact, independent research has proven that HOST is the best choice for green, clean, and dry flooring!

Reduces Allergens

HOST Machines are manufactured in an EPA registered facility, ensuring they are equipped to remove a high percentage of mites, dust, and mold successfully. In fact, our more advanced systems can reduce allergens by up to 97%! By removing these toxins, your home or business will become safer and healthier for all who live in, work in, or pass through these spaces.

Just One HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning Reduces:

  • Mold spores by 85%
  • Cat allergen by 85%
  • Dust Mites by 78%
  • Dust Mite Allergen by 75%

Carpets Stay Cleaner Longer

Carpets that are treated using the HOST Dry Extraction System stay cleaner, longer. The systems low moisture method holds and controls cleaning liquids so that dissolved dirt doesn’t run back into your carpets. By doing the job right the first time, your carpets will stay cleaner and allergen-free longer.

Lifts Matted Carpet

Our carpet cleaning system also helps to lift and refresh the look of your carpets! In high traffic areas, carpets can become matted and begin to look shabby. Having these areas cleaned on a regular basis will revive your carpets’ fibers and extend its overall lifespan.

Safer for Children and Pets

We care about the health and safety of you and your employees, tenants, students, and other visitors. For small children and pets, (who spend most of their time playing on your floor surfaces), using cleaning products that are non-corrosive to skin and eyes, are biodegradable, and that pass performance testing is critical. In addition to its other features, you can feel safe knowing that Green Seal has approved HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner as safe and non-toxic.

Talk to us about your facility and its traffic and environment, and we will recommend the optimal carpet cleaning program for you.